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A country's flag is often a focal point of national pride. The design of flags range from very simple strips to detailed pictures depicting important symbols or events in the history of that nation. In nearly every culture, the flag is treated with respect, flown proudly and never allowed to touch the ground.
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Gene Eveland says:    

I want to know the country that has a flag with a dark, possibly black, background with a white X

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Flag Maker says:    


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gwen says:    


there no name the flags of the world has no names

Gene Eveland says:    


I want to know the country that has a flag with a dark, possibly black, background with a white X

noe gomez says:    


Flaggs green whie and green

Grandma Ruby says:    


I would like to know if there is a Flag with the colors Gold, White, and Green! Does anybody know?

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